Of Course, He is My Dad!

I was watching “Baby and I” stared by Jang Geun Suk in my boarding house. The film was about a father who did anything for his son whatever it took. The film touched my heart. It reminded me to my daddy, the man hundreds—maybe thousands—miles far from my current place.

How handsome he is ^^

Daddy. I love his smile best. That’s because he has a sharp face. I mean everybody who meets him will be little bit afraid or something. No, he has no criminal face. It’s like he has a very strong aura that people will give their best respect to him. But when he smiles, I see an angel. I swear I am not pleonastic. I feel peace, joy, love, that I really want to hug him then. But I’m too shy to show it.

About his personality—do I have the right, of course I tell you he is a good person. It is just it. Well, only people who know him will agree with me he is wise, calm, honest, and a trusted man. Psst, it’s a secret: he is humorist. I can’t stop laughing when he jokes.

Besides, he is a democratic person. He never forces us. Nor does he tell what should be or shouldn’t be done. He has his own way to ask me to do something or even to forbid me of something. He always shows whether a thing is good or bad or maybe both of them. Then he will let me to choose which one is the best for me. I’ll tell you.

In my new place, I was in difficulty of going somewhere because I didn’t have any vehicle. I told dad that I want a vehicle. It can be a bicycle or a motorcycle. I knew my dad preferred bicycle to motorcycle but he didn’t tell me. Even he told me the advantage and the consequence of bringing motorcycle or bicycle.

“Now, just choose! If you want your scooter, I will send it for you. But if you want a bicycle, I will send you money and you buy there. Deal?”
Me and My Dad, at Atlantic Dreamland,
Salatiga, December 24th 2009

Ha, that’s my dad!

Speaking of which, he always does the samething in that film. Yes, he will do anything for the happiness of his family. He always gives us what we need.

He really cares of our—the children of him—education. He gives us books, pencils, dictionaries; anything! I bet he will give me an office if I ask him. I know not only that it is his responsibility of caring us, but also that he works very hard to get them all.

I notice that my daddy is not a kind of romantic person—except he has his own criteria of being romantic. I guess he dislikes surprises. I mean, when my mum and I gave him a surprise, he acted like there’s nothing happened. I was resentful of him, but, well, what could we do? Hmm… that’s my daddy, again.
That wa soooo romantic, haha!
 September 21st 2009 @ Gedung Sate

You know, when he got a serious sick, I never saw him regret of what happened to him. It was like he had no reason to be angry with God. He said we just have to pray whenever, wherever, or however we are. I wondered how he could go through all of that only by praying. But it was proven. He can go out of his sick although he is not in prime condition anymore.

He lose his weight when he got sick.
September 22nd 2009 at Granny's House, Bandung

When I am sad or afraid of something, he always tells me to be defenseless. “Just pray, try hard, be honest, be defenseless, and be sure you can. Trust in God help. You can’t be success by relying on your own strength. It must be a God help!”

وَأُخْرَى تُحِبُّونَهَا نَصْرٌ مِنَ اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

“And other things that you love, victory from Allah and an opening that is near. (O, prophet Muhammad) give glad tidings to the believers.” (Ash Shaff: 13)

Victory of God!
He got well from his sick and could go for Invitation of Allah.

God help! I will always remember that, daddy.

I believe my dad is the best man in the world. The second best will be my husband—in the future. You know what, daddy is my idol. Phil Collins is nothing from my daddy—of course because daddy is my father. He is the only adult man I really love in this time.

I bet every single person in the world says that his/her father is the greatest dad in the world. So do I. I wonder then how many best people the earth has. But whatever people say, there’s only one best person among the best. Of course, my dad!


Berbagi tak pernah rugi, bagilah ilmu Anda kepada kami. :)

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