Scrificing Collectively, Why Not?

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From a status of Shaun the Sheep, chatting of my friends and me on how the law of the collective sacrificing. This is interesting because so many people has wrong perception of this law. It could be that they only heard bits and pieces or totally not listening.

Not satisfied at our facebook chat, they sent me a message, blamed if the joint venture of cows more than seven people is invalid and unacceptable. Apparently they knew it from reading the Question and Answer, whether from books, the internet, I do not know.

[An-Nuur Q & A] Q: How does the law of sacrifice contributions in more than 7 people, for example, all student of a school fees, whether the sacrifice can be acceptable?
Answer: collective sacrifice to the cow a maximum of 7 persons, more than that is not valid as a sacrifice, its value is shodaqoh.

Once a message is received. I just laughed to myself. What kind of arguments that underlie it? Because when Eid al-Adha yesterday I was very busy taking care of the meat in the mosque, I promised my friend to explain it all. Unfortunately, after that I was so busy with the affairs of the college and I have the time to explain it now.
So the hadith about it  is like this, my friends: 

لاشتراك في الأضحية

عن ابن عباس قال كنا مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فى سفر فحضر النحر فاشتركنا فى البعير عن عشرة والبقرة عن سبعة. رواه النسائ كتاب الضحايا - صحيح

From Ibn Abbas, he said, we were with the Prophet Muhammad in his way. Then came (the day) qurban slaughter. So we venture a camel (for) ten people and a cow (for) seven people. 

From this Hadith we can conclude that the joint venture in qurban is allowed. But it must be remembered, that seven or ten people rather than the maximum limits allowed a joint venture. I'm worried about my friend or teacher who taught him this hadith only examine bits and pieces. Note that hadith entirely. When the Prophet and his companions were on the road, and the coincidence that the joint venture as much as ten camels, cows and a joint venture of seven people, because they were so many in number during the trip. If at that time their numbers were not so, would be another sound hadith, did not it?

Then my friend also added that it should be a sacrificial goat. Who said? Let us refer to the following hadith.

حدثني يحي بن موسى حدثنا أبو بكر الحنفي حدثنا الضحاك بن عثمان حدثني عمارة بن; بد الله قال سمعت عطاء بن يسار تقول سألت أبا أيوب الانصاري كيف كانت الضحايا على عهد رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم فقال كان الرجل يضحي بالشاة عنه و عن اهل بيته فيأكلون ويطعمون حتى تباهى النس فصارت كما ترى. رواه الترمذى كتاب الاضاحى - صحيح

Atho 'ibn Yasar said, "I asked Aba Ayyub al-Anshoriy, how the slaughter qurban at the time of the Prophet Muhammad? He (Aba Ayyub al-Anshoriy) said, 'A man sacrificed a goat for him and his house expert (his family). They ate and feed (in humans) so proud (rejoice), then qurban is as you see (now).

Hopefully this explanation could open mind
my friends. Not too late, really. Insha Allah, hopefully next year we meet again with the Eid al-Adha, so we can sacrifice, although collectively....

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