Sisters, Let's Get Hijab!

I got this picture from my friend. I really thank to him because he really cares 'bout women, especially women's clothing and appearance. I first laughed when I saw this picture. The picture of three girls not in hijab, that's really funny. Even the picture shows that the girls pose like models. That picture "tells" the truth, the fact that there are so many girls still get dressed like that.
But what makes it really funny to me is because I see my self some years ago. Actually, my parents teach me to dress as well as muslimat should dress. My mother always use loose clothes. Well, she doesn't like using long skirt, she likes using trousers but she always makes sure that they're loose. She also uses blouses which are long and cover thigh.
My father, since I decided to use jilbab when I was in fourth grade, he used to buy me appropriate dresses: loose and not thin. He often accompanied me when I want to buy clothes.

Time by time. my father thought I should be mature girl so he no longer decided which dress I should wear. I should decide by my self. I first thought it would be no problem because I thought I knew what I should wear.
But when I was in High School, in eleventh or twelfth grade, I was told by my friends that my clothes was like old women. Yes, that's because my clothes was really different from my friends.
What happened then? I started using tight jeans trouser, although I still used long blouse. I sometimes felt uncomfortable but  I really hated when my friend humiliated me because of my "old-women-looking" clothes.
But everything changed when I graduated from high school and continue my study on new environment. I met friend who dress appropriate as muslimat. She always uses loose clothes.She said if we (women) don't cover our bodies appropriately, we will make sin in ourself and others who see us.
From that on I realized that hijab is a must. And for the first time I understood why my parents are very fussy of deciding what should their children wear. 
Honestly, I cant be told that I have gotten dressed like the girl in hijab just like on the picture. Well, I just have one long dress (we call it 'gamis' in Indonesia), or such Arabic-style dress. But I'm trying to dress like it is told as muslimat. I no longer use my tight jeans trouser. I use long skirt and loose blouse. Now I'm trying to use wide jilbab. Yeah, some of my friends laughed at me and said that I'm too much, but now I am sure that what I do is right.
In this chance, I thank to my parents who always teach me goodness. Because of their education and their guidance, it's not too hard for me to dress appropriately. Also I thank to my friends who remind me of importance of keeping aurat by hijabing.
Sisters, maybe you think that I'm too much in clothing. But what I'm doing now is I want to keep my aurat as Allah wants us to do. I want to be a real muslimat, starting from clothing appropriately in front of Allah. And I will be really happy if all of my sisters fillah have the same perception like mine. Let's be real muslimat together, let's get dressed appropriately as muslimat, let's reach Allah's jannah together!

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