Me and My Relationship Status

I read my friend's relationship status on Facebook. From being in relationship to being single. You may read similar status of your friends too. Some may be complicated, single, in a relationship, married, or even divorced. Perhaps you may be one of them who show their relationship status on facebook profile. It's alright, I think everyone does. I myself do nothing on my facebook relationship status. I never change it.

For some people, maybe you too, being single is a doom. It's like "forever alone". No one takes care of you, no one picks you up to school, no one sits beside you, or maybe no one calls or texts you in the midnight. 
Sounds poor? I don't think so.

Well, I have another opinion about being single and being in relationship. For me, being single is not about relationship between a guy and a girl. Single means you are truly alone and rely on yourself.
Guys, if you decide not to have a boy or a girl, don't feel alone!  I mean, don't you feel that Allah is by your side day and night?

If you need someone's favor, Allah is always ready to help you. You can always rely on Allah every time, every where. If you need someone to talk, you have Allah who always listen to you. Allah is always there for you. Are we always there for Him? I am thinking of it.

I was realized that I was never alone, and I will never be alone. I am always in a relationship with God. Having a good relationship with Him really makes me happy, joyful, lucky. I feel peace, joy, love. 
I am not cheering you up, guys. It is true. Like a friend said that the most beautiful and precious love in this world is a love between us and God.
If you think that your relationship with a boy or girl will be really something, trust me, having a good relationship with God means everything! Never worry about being left by Him because Allah never leaves us.

So, when people ask you if you are single or not, tell them, "Alhamdulillah, I'm in a very good relationship with God and I really love it.

Smile. :)

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  1. Just wanna correct ur statement, it should be "never leave"


Berbagi tak pernah rugi, bagilah ilmu Anda kepada kami. :)

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